Happy New Year to you all! We wish you a happy, healthy and blessed 2020!


Huge thanks to the National Lotteries Commission who have sponsored First Step Ballet!

So after a very busy August, (so busy we didn’t get a chance to fill you in) the children performed at many venues including the Open magic Garden Festival in McGregor. The Seniors performed in Montagu for Heritage Day. Next came guest teacher Alfonzo Freemantle who taught the children a lot of new numbers in September. After that the Senior/Juniors were chosen to perform at the 15th Baxter Fringe Festival in Cape Town. Onto November we had our 5th year anniversary party, a Langarm Dance sponsored by Mr Brian Africa. Choreography month, the children made up an amazing new Contemporary dance to be showcased this year. The babies performed at all the Christmas markets and even had a visit from Santa Claus and Mrs Claus. The noise when Santa arrived was deafening, a fantastic time was had by all. They all got caps from Santa with First Step Ballet on them.

We wish you all a fantastic 2020 and we’ll keep up with all the good work, keep following us on Facebook and Instagram.






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