What have we been doing since “Lock down”

During the lock down period it was very difficult for the FSB children, but as soon as we were able to get together we did so. We were able to meet for Broadcasting purposes, in other words we were going to start filming for the Montagu Youth Arts Festival. We started rehearsals in the middle of June so that we were ready for the online festival by the end of July. So in the six weeks we managed to do two brand new ballets with the baby’s and the seniors, then everyone danced solo as well. The results were fantastic. The children achieved Double Golds, Golds and Silver for their performances. We also put some rehearsal videos out for the online Youth Day. After we finished the MYAF we went straight on to learn new work for Magic McGregor the online virtual Garden Festival which will be on the 25th September. So all in all we’ve actually been very busy indeed. Now we are working on our annual Showcase for early December 2020.

Beautiful new black tutus for the Senior girls, courtesy of the NLC. I’m sure you’ll agree that they look absolutely wonderful. These pics were taken for the Festival in McGregor and the on-line virtual Garden Festival in which they will perform a Garland Polka.

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