Fabulous February!

Most of February was spent working on a new piece called The Five.

Five of our Seniors were very privileged to have a new dance choreographed for them by the legendary Adele Blank and our very own Milisa Mathiso. It was a Contemporary African piece. The new piece was to be part of the 50th Anniversary of the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town. The girls were so excited for this opportunity. There were some big Dance Companies also taking part. All in all an amazing experience for the girls. Their performance was amazing, all the sweat and tears was worth it. The applause from the audience said it all! 


Also in February new Baby Ballet group. The Seniors also did a big flier drop in the nearby White City, to make the parents aware of what First Step Ballet is all about and how it could help their children in many ways. 

February also saw us invite Weltervrede Primary school back to dance every week. They had such a good time. Their teacher commented that their schoolwork after dancing was so good! Happy children Happy school life! 

This beautiful red dress was donated by a dance friend of Miss Marys from the UK! She wore this dress some 30 years ago and decided to give it to FSBM. One of our Senior girls will have a new piece of Choreography made to fit this dress and we’ll donate the piece to Miss Mary’s friend Sandra Hamilton-Bentes from UK!

Here’s to a wonderful March. We’ll keep you posted! 

Miss Mary

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