August News

Fabulous Ennie…

At the end of every show, all the costumes must be put away until the next time, but not before they are all thoroughly cleaned and checked.  Our fabulous assistant Ennie is seen here doing just that. Such a lot of hard work but Ennie does it all with love and dedication to First Step Ballet. A huge shout-out to Ennie! Thank you!

Marvelous Miss Mary!

9th August was Woman’s  Day! The First Step Ballet Seniors were invited to dance at the McGregor Primary school on this special occasion. They were invited by the SAPs Womans Network, who honored Miss Mary for her work with the children in the Community. It was an honour and pleasure to take part in this event. Well done Seniors you were fabulous!

“Showtime” Show

Our ‘Showtime’ show was hugely successful. We raised over R10,000 for Diabetes in the Community. We were able to buy four Sensors for our Senior dancer Raynell and some wonderful food baskets for our Diabetics in the Community. If anyone would like to sponsor a Sensor for Raynell please get in touch! A very emotional day for both Raynell and her parents.

New Uitnood Primary School dancers

We have waited a long time to welcome 16 learners from Uitnood Primary school to First Step Ballet McGregor. It has finally happened. We see these fabulous boys and girls every week now for after-school dance classes. We are lucky enough to have our minibus which picks them up every week from school and then takes them home after class. They all have new dance clothes. They were so excited to put them on and just dance! See their fabulous smiley faces.

Thank you Sempurna!

A huge shout out to Paul & June from Sempurna Farm in McGregor who invited us to pick Naartjies. The children and the Community have been eating Naartjies for days and days! Thank you Paul & June!

New stationary for Uitnood Primary school.

The children jumped for joy. We thank Ros D’Albert (UK) for her generous donation of school stationery. It has gone to over 200 school learners.

Yoga blocks sponsor

Special thanks to one of our Sponsors in the village, we managed to buy Yoga Blocks. Perfect for the children to practice balance and improve their flexibility. Here are some of our Baby group trying them out.

Special thanks…

  • Special thanks goes to the charity Dancing for the Children who gave us a generous donation for the children. Mara Galeazzi. #donation #donationsappreciated #thankyou
  • Huge thanks goes to one of our Ballet Moms who made 54 pancakes for all of our Farm children who come to First Step
    Ballet every week. The children were so happy. They were delicious!

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